The Chronic Illness



For people suffering from M.E/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome,
Fibromyalgia, Post Viral Fatigue, POTS, Long-covid
and associated ill health who want practical guidance,
inspiration and information on all things recovery!

Possibility, Pathway, Progress.

Recovery stories, expert coaches and practical
tips for your recovery.

We believe that the people who refuse to
give up, truely deserve to start living again.

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Learn the origin of why CFS Health started in the first place.

You will also learn what CFS stands for at CFS Health.

It's not what you think it is. Sit back, relax and enjoy the show!

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Episode 25 - Struggling with symptoms or diagnosis?

🎧 32 min listen

Episode 24 - Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Other Associated Illnesses

🎧 21 min listen

Episode 23 - How to stop pushing and crashing

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Episode 22 - Exercise and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - Is it Safe?

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Episode 21 - How to express where you are at in an empowering way, without feeling guilty or drained afterwards.

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Episode 20 - How not to feel so overwhelmed with Recovery

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Episode 18 - How to accept where you are at so you can get better faster!

🎧 30 min listen

Episode 18 - How to accept where you are at so you can get better faster!

🎧 41 min listen

Episode 17 - The one thing that is holding you back in your recovery

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Episode 16 - The 3 key essentials you must have in order to recover!

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Episode 15 - What factors made the biggest impact in recovery!

🎧 18 min listen

Episode 14 - What to do when you just want to give up!

🎧 19 min listen

Episode 13 - What to do when you doubt recovery is possible for you!

🎧 15 min listen

What was the biggest game changer in your recovery?

🎧 19 min listen

If you were to go through the healing process again. What would you do differently?

🎧 20 min listen

What to do on really hard recovery days.

🎧 20 min listen

How committed are you?

🎧 32 min listen

The pieces to the puzzle

🎧 12 min listen

Identity matters!

🎧 12 min listen

Why having a vision is important for Recovery.

🎧 12 min listen

Episode 5 - Stop Fighting!

🎧 15 min listen

Episode 4 - How much rest is appropriate for recovery?

🎧 16 min listen

Episode 3 - Weight Gain and Chronic Illness

🎧 22 min listen

Episode 2 - You are not crazy

🎧 31 min listen

Episode 1 - Origin of CFS Health