Episode 42 - Tara's Inspiring M.E/CFS Recovery Story

Meet Tara from USA!

Joined The Program: Over one year ago.

Suffered: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Symptoms: Extreme fatigue, no energy, muscle aches and pains, dramatic weight/muscle loss, symptom flareups, brain fog, and cognitive issues.

Struggles: Inability to function daily, zero energy to be a mum, had to quit career, relationship breakdown, mum guilt, $30,000 spent on treatments that did not work…

After the program…

Results: Living life fully, having energy, dancing, traveling the world with her daughter, being a great mum, studying PHD, muscle tone and strength back, looking fantastic and feeling it too!

If you want to find out how Tara went from totally house bound, surviving a rough divorce, being a single mum barely being able to get through a day to ultimately getting better, LISTEN THIS INTERVIEW. Be ready to be moved!



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