Episode 64 - Check this Amazing Story of Recovery from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Meet Kristi - Recovered from Severe M.E/CFS

When Kristi first came to me, her first question to me was "Will I be able to hike again?"

Before getting Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Kristi was an avid hiker and she was devastated when she could not only hike, but couldn't walk and at her worst couldn't even feed herself.

To say that her life had changed enormously since falling unwell, was an understatement.

Today, Kristi now volunteers for Search and Rescue and not only can she do this role well, but she is in fact a Type-One Searcher, meaning she's the one who goes through difficult and rough terrain to perform search and rescues.

Absolutely remarkable!

Especially, because at one point, Kristi didn't know if she would even be able to hike again.

Kristi's recovery wasn't instantaneous.

She was incredibly frustrated when she was trying to find answers. Multiple Doctors and multiple tests had her going around in circles. She was unwell for over a decade with a long list of symptoms, including nausea, heart palpitations, pain, unable to walk, could not bare to look at any light, and at her worst she couldn't chew food.

She came to me at a really tough point.

I worked with her to help her solidify the foundations of health which set her up on the right path to recovery. It wasn't easy, it took work and consistency. It took time, being guided to do the right things at the right time, little by little.

Kristi had been told she would never hike again.

She proved this sentence wrong and actually blew it out of the water. I sat down with her to talk about her entire journey of recovery and what her life is like now. 


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