Episode 66 - Rania's Incredible Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Recovery Story

I recently had the chance to sit down with a past member, Rania, to share her chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) recovery journey.

It is profound!

Rania was once in a place of complete overwhelm.

She was on a really rough journey with her health and her sleep was a huge problem for her. She was a super achiever and held incredibly high standards for herself. She also didn't give herself much time to recharge, and being a single mum and working full time, she didn't feel like she could prioritise her health.

I think Rania's story will be relatable to so many!

Rania found us when she was at a really low point, and in our chat together, she lets us in on her story and what she did to achieve recovery.

Her life changing story is incredibly inspiring. She's now travelling the world, selling her art, and living her life to the absolute fullest. Something that she didn't see even the slightest bit possible two years ago.

Our chat together highlights the power of patience and acceptance, and emphasising the importance of time in the recovery process.

Some things we cover in this chat are:

  1. Community Support
  2. Acceptance and Patience
  3. Baseline and Practices
  4. Balanced Approach

Rania's story is a powerful one. One that I know will benefit you greatly.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy.


Click here for the transcript


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