Episode 63 - How Carly Overcame Severe M.E/CFS

Meet Carly - Recovered from Severe M.E/CFS

When I was first hired to help Carly with her Recovery, her and her family felt like giving up. They had TRIED EVERYTHING.

Spending upwards of $50,000 dollars on treatments and people with little to know improvement.

Poor Carly had been through the wringer in terms of trying everything and not getting anywhere.

She was exhausted, frustrated and felt like giving up.

She didn’t know who to trust, what to do or even what to think, when it came to the possibility of recovery from M.E/CFS.

Her biggest symptoms were extreme lethargy, feeling tired all the time, secondary anxiety, muscle de-condition and would often lose her voice when symptoms flared.

I explained to her and her family, that what we do at CFS Health is a very different approach to most other one size fits all approaches.

What we are going to do is not treat the symptoms, instead focus on building her health from the ground up. We are going to reverse what chronic fatigue syndrome has done for her.

Of course nothing happened over night, but within 4 weeks, it was the first time she noticed actual real tangible progress.

It was the first time, it all made sense to her in what we were doing day to day and she could finally see the light at the end of the tunnel after a long hard fight.

Well, I am proud to say, Carly did recover, not just a little bit, but fully. She runs her own world wide business (incredible brand), she got married (I got invited.. See pic below) and she just had a baby!

All of this was a far distant dream 10 years ago. But now it’s her reality. She made it happen.

Today I sat down with Carly to interview her on her recovery. She shares her journey, the ups the downs and the incredible wisdom she gained from the whole experience.

Click here to listen to her inspiring interview.


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