Episode 47 - 20 years of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Reversed - Cathy Cunniff's Inspiring Story

Meet Cathy from the USA

Suffered: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for 20 plus years!!

Symptoms: Terrible Brain fog, extreme fatigue, no energy, muscle aches and pains, muscle de-conditioning, symptom flareups, cognitive issues, and memory loss.

Struggles: Bed bound/house bound, constantly pushing and crashing, terrible brain fog that she wondered would ever go away, felt totally lost, and wasn’t sure she would be able to recover..

After the program…

Results: NO BRAIN FOG!!! Able to live and enjoy life with husband. (She spent half the day gardening and harvesting produce from her land before the interview).

Find out how Cathy went from brain fogged and struggling to live to fully living again. Click here to watch her full interview.


Click here for the transcript

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