Episode 58 - Lauren's Inspiring Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Recovery Story

Meet Lauren from the USA.

Lauren came to us in an awful way…

She suffered pretty severe M.E/CFS.

Lauren first went to the Doctor, only for them to turn around and tell her “there’s nothing you can do about it”.


Her health was declining, she had so many unexplained symptoms like brain fog, lethargy, total exhaustion and as you can imagine with the little help or hope she received from her doctor, she was becoming more and more anxious and depressed.

Lauren had no practical help whatsoever. At one point she couldn't cook for herself and struggled to get up and down her stairs in her house. She saw lots of different Doctors and was getting no where. One Doctor said she would have to live with this illness for the rest of her life.

Luckily, Lauren didn’t buy into that opinion and knew intrinsically that she could heal. She just needed to do the work herself and get the right holistic approach that would help her do exactly that.

Lauren found a success story online on our YouTube channel from one of our clients, and after watching it she knew straight away this was what she needed. Within 2 weeks, she put in an application, had an enrolment call and joined The Online Recovery Program. Her initial goals were being able to cook for herself and do the basics around the house. Those goals were accomplished pretty quickly and soon after she was back hiking again and building up her strength and stamina as her health maintained.

Almost every week inside our group there was a post from Lauren with pictures from her hike or beach walk! Pretty cool.

Initially it was all about getting her baseline sorted so she could stabilise her health and stop pushing and crashing her energy levels. That took a few months of work. But when she finally got that, things started to click. Day to day she just knew what she needed to do for herself and she did it! It worked.

Getting her sleep right, her gut health right, routine/structure right and her mindset right were huge components of her healing.

Healing her nervous system, reconditioning her body and letting go of the guilt, shame and old life and instead, building into her new one.

Honestly, we have seen Lauren go from not good at all to really living an incredible life.

In today’s episode we sit down with Lauren to share her incredible story - Click here to listen or watch :)

Sit back relax and enjoy the episode.



Click here for the transcript

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