Episode 62 - Blake Cured His Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Blake was one of the sickest clients that ever came to see me face to face.

He was so bad, he had to cancel his first 3 appointments with me because he simply didn’t have the energy to leave his bedroom.

I explained to his mum, if he wants to get better, he’s going to have to do things to help him get better. One of those things was coming to get help. (This was well before the CFS Health Online Recovery Program existed).

When he first came through the doors at my clinic, he was so pale that he looked like a ghost, he could barely speak, and could barely keep his eyes open.

His sleep was so out of the whack, that the doctors made him do all these crazy sleep tests, take all these sleep potions and medications and nothing worked.

What transpired over the next two years with Blake, was truly remarkable.

Blake got his life back, he got back to playing sport, he got back to studying and socialising with friends, he was able to start living again.

In a world where there was no hope for Blake, his life has truly transformed.

In today’s podcast episode, we sit down with Blake to share his incredibly inspiring journey.


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