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What is CFS Health Online Recovery Program?

The CFS Health Online Recovery Program is a holistic coaching program that takes you by the hand and guides you, step by step, on a journey of learning and understanding. It helps you make sense of your current situation and teaches you how to change it for the better. The Program teaches you the things that aren't working for you and  shows you how to utilise proven methods and tools to START your journey to better health.

The Online Recovery Program teaches you how to:

  • Build a baseline and make consistent progress without constant setbacks
  • Use your brain’s cognition to ease anxiety, stress and worry
  • Let go of emotions, such as guilt and shame that are holding you back
  • Build more strength and stamina in your body
  • Set your boundaries and voice them
  • Regulate your nervous system
  • Integrate back into the life you want

How Does it Work?

When you join CFS Health you will receive an introduction call within the first month of your membership to help you get really clear on what you need to focus on. Direction and assistance around progress specific to your current health is essential so that you can start making the changes necessary for where you are at.

What You'll Get:

  • Introduction on-boarding call to get started
  • Weekly live online personalised group coaching sessions
  • Opportunity for complimentary 'One on One' support calls from week 6 in the Program
  • Phone app and online video training modules covering every aspect of Recovery.
    Over 25 hours worth of video trainings, broken down into specific areas
  • Monthly Q&A Sessions with our Resident Mindset Coach - Gemma Hanley - https://gemmahanley.com/ 
  • Monthly Q&A Sessions with our resident Integrative Medical Doctor - Dr. Olivia Lesslar- https://www.drolivialesslar.com/ 
  • Self paced video modules
  • Online workshops
  • Worksheets & readings
  • Weekly accountability check-ins
  • 24/7 access to our online community of members
  • Hard copy A5 Daily Planner - posted to you anywhere in the world
  • Nutrition E-Books - healthy & easy recipes for snacks, breakfast, lunch and dinner

How much you participate is up to you and regular attendance of online live sessions is encouraged. However, every coaching call and Q & A session is recorded and can be watched in your own time if you prefer.


Is the Program right for me?

CFS Health Online Recovery Program is the solution for anyone who is tired of being on the endless merry-go round of time consuming research and trial and error experiments resulting in disappointment, frustration and minimal results.

This is an individualised group coaching program containing a high level of interactions with the CFS Health Team and accountability to other members in our community. This is a relationship that begins with a conversation to ensure that we are both on the same page for the benefit of you and all the other members. 

We aim to support individuals possessing a proactive attitude and a commitment to prioritising their health and their recovery to get transformational outcomes. Honouring this policy allows for greater impact, greater results and a positive, encouraging, safe space for all members. 

If you are ready to make yourself the priority, we can help you do the work to make real change and improvements.

  • How do I get better?
  • Where do I even start?
  • How do I stop the excruciating fatigue and symptoms?
  • How do I stop being so stressed? How do I get motivated?
  • How do I overcome setbacks?
  • How do I calm down my nervous system?
  • How do I understand what my body needs? How do I stop the push/crash cycle?
  • How do I manage anxiety & depression?
  • How do I start moving again without feeling worse?
  • How do I progress?
  • How do I go back to living again?
Through our unique coaching methods we help you with ALL of these issues, every step of the way.

Imagine in six months time from now, you reach the goals you set out to achieve.

No matter how much doubt you currently have, it is 100% possible that you can change. You just need an approach that works.

  • You need a plan and structure that works for you
  • You need a way to use your brain and body that actually helps you make consistent progress
  • You need practical tools at your disposal to improve your health in all areas
  • You need access to the right support, accountability to ensure you stay committed even when it gets hard, and coaches that understand and will guide you every step of the way

The CFS Health Online Recovery Program is your answer

This is what our member’s have to say...

I have more energy & stamina
No more pushing & crashing
I don’t feel guilty when I rest
Symptoms are going away
I can do more!!
Able to enjoy the day without fear of feeling worse
Increase in strength & consistency, pain & symptom free
I am able to 'do' life without the need to nap
I can now push a little and not feel worse
I can exercise & move again
I feel 'normal tired' instead of 'CFS exhausted’
I can now socialise, go to events & travel again.

What is the Cost?

$500AUD per month for a minimum of six months.
($360USD roughly, £280GBP roughly)

What happens after six months?
  • Stay in the program and continue your journey on a rolling monthly membership with no lock in contract
  • or
  • Have the opportunity to transition out of our 'recovery focus' program and into our 'lifestyle creation & integration' program. This program holds a predominant focus on greater goals, life vision, accountability, relationship, mindset, and inspiration.
  • or
  • Leave the program and cancel your membership with no additional charges

Why is there a six month minimum investment?

It takes time for the body to adjust to new behaviours even with consistent actions. Six months is the minimum time needed to see sustained progress and noticeable results.

What's different about our program? We combine step by step actions with accountability and support, every step of the way.


This is what our members have to say...