What members have to
say about CFS Health


What members have to say about CFS Health



This program truly saved my life. After years of being sick and completely unable to leave the bed for a time, Toby and his team guided me on the path to true healing and health. They guide people with and illness that is called incurable to true healing from the reintegration of the mind, body and spirit. My deep gratitude for Toby and his team for giving me my life and joy back!!

~Tara P.


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It's been really valuable. I've learnt a lot, never heard About baseline before. I've been inspired and motivated to start working on sleep and nutrition. The group calls and videos give me so much hope and the workshop was a brilliant way to feel more confident about that joining the mentorship program is the right thing to do for me. When I hear Toby's voice I smile and feel more safe and relaxed.

~ Hanne

When I joined the CFS Health program my health was at its worst with a baseline of 30% health, with crashes that would leave me housebound for days. The program was ground-breaking for me as it gave me a thorough understanding of the illness and it provided the appropriate tools required for me to put into steps, in order to heal. Now I'm fully recovered (and the most healthiest I've ever been in my whole life), post recovery I have ran two 42K.M marathons (under 4 hours), I can work 5 days a week as a school teacher, and play Aussie Rules Football and Cricket. Life is good!! Don't hesitate, join the program now!!

~ Chris

I was in year 12, I'd just started year 12, so I was 17. And yeah, I got sick with a cold, which when you're 17 and you're invincible, like whatever. So I kept studying, kept going to 18th's, just kept living life. And then that kind of turned into the flu, which turned into laryngitis, which never really went away. So I just kept pushing myself.

At that point in my life I had no reason not to, like, I completely thought I was invincible, and really just completely ignored my body, and just totally drove myself into the ground, and ended up not finishing year 12. It was quite an amazing turnaround. So like I first got sick in April of my final year of school, and by October exams, I couldn't really get off the couch. I could barely talk, I couldn't wash my own hair. To get from my bedroom to the couch, which was what I would do every day, that was the activity, there was nothing more. So in those six months I went from living a full and rich life to literally being couch bound and not being able to finish school, not being able to go to 18th's, like drive around with everyone, go on holidays after finishing. So that was, yeah, it was a really sad time in life to miss out on. I was just like a type A perfectionist, like high, high, high, high achiever, like, it has to be the best basically.

It puts a huge strain on the family. They live it with you, and they're the only ones that really see it, because when you do go out and you engage with the world and with friends, you're your best version, and it's maybe an hour of 24 hours. So they're really the only ones that see you raw. And every single family member, I have two sisters, every single family member lived it with me and played a different role. And it was sometimes really sad and really hard, and sometimes really frustrating and angry.

Your life's going to continue on whether or not you partake. Like, you've got nothing to lose by stepping in and actually taking some control back and giving it a go. But I really believe in the program, and, it's the only thing that worked for me, so, yeah, there's just nothing to lose.

It's a combination of things, like right time in my life that you came in, but I really believe in CFS Health’s approach, and Toby has been through chronic fatigue syndrome. Like you're not guessing, you actually understand the journey and everything that comes with it. I believe in it and I am thankful for your Program.

~Carly 32 years old - Australia

Before becoming sick, I was very active. I had been a public school teacher a few years prior to and while homeschooling my own two children. While homeschooling, we traveled to over 140 National Parks, Monuments and Sites of the 50 states of our nation (USA) as well as Canada. I started a couple La Leche League groups and trained leaders for breastfeeding moms in Stockton, volunteered with a prison ministry, started a hiking Meetup in our county now; organized and led over 300 hikes, sat on a few various boards, coached soccer and swimming, had been a missionary in Mexico, was trained as a Bowen Therapist as well as a lactation counselor, and was an athlete. I had swam the Escape from Alcatraz race, hiked the John Muir Trail, and was working my way through hiking/climbing the 14,000+ ft mountains in California. People would label me as a Type A personality. I was extremely empathetic and wanted to help wherever I saw a need. I was a people pleaser, and often felt I wasn't doing enough.

My body was having issues for a decade prior to this interaction (swollen lymph nodes, heart palpitations, twitching eye, "vomit days" where I couldn't move or I'd vomit... numerous tests had been done but showed nothing), but afterwards, I could barely function. I was bed/home bound. I couldn't take but a handful of steps without collapsing. I could not digest solid foods for a month. The pain was so intense a few times, that I would curl up in a fetal position, grab my head, slur any words I tried to speak, and wish death would come. I felt like my organs were shutting down. I needed to be in a dark, quiet room and no longer could read or communicate more than a few sentences with my teenage children, husband, family or a few special friends. Foggy brain was an issue. Being too tired to sleep was also an issue. Some days were better and I could move to a sofa with sunglasses on. Rarely did I leave the house. Curling up into a ball on the cement walkway, floor of an elevator, or within the door of a doctor's office would normally be very embarrassing and "dramatic," but there came a point where I just didn't care. Not because I wanted attention (please don't see me weak), but because I just didn't have the energy to care.

My family moved out of a valley and onto a mountain. We thought I would die within the year, so we were willing to try the move. I was able to be seen and diagnosed by Stanford's Chronic Fatigue and Infectious Disease Clinic, as well as a homeopath in my home town. There was very little hope as my homeopath told me I would never hike again, and my Stanford doctor asked if I needed his help getting on disability. It was a dark, painful time.

Upon joining I found hope, validation, and guidance. Hope is the foundation of recovering. Having a community of hundreds of like minded people rooting each other on is huge! Joining CFS Health was the kickstart I needed for recovery to happen.

The Love, Guidance, Support, Accountability, Accessibility (can listen to and participate when well enough) was great for me.

I can eat most foods without any issue. This is huge for me!!! There are certain foods I continue to limit because I feel they're not healthy for anyone to eat. I no longer need to wear sunglasses inside anymore, and sounds don't bother me nearly like they did (my family no longer needs to wear earbuds, and multiple things can be going on without causing pain). My memory of words and conversations has returned and I don't have a foggy brain. I can move, drive, dance and run without PEM. I still get normal tired when I overdo things. I am aware of the need to create healthy boundaries, and I aware of what can happen if I don't.

I am not only hiking, but after recovering, I started climbing, kayaking and paddle boarding.

I am able to mountaineer again, and finished the list of 14K+ ft. peaks in California. I am able to adventure with my children again, and helped them navigate the transition from being a teenager to becoming an adult. We traveled as a family to Mexico, South Africa, Italy, Montenegro and Greece to celebrate my son and then daughter's high school graduations. I had no issues other than normal jet lag and irritation of long flights. I became involved with my daughter's Future Farmers of America chapter to the point they gave me an Honorary Chapter FFA Degree. I am able to care for myself and my family.

My son has graduated from university and now working and living in another town. My daughter is starting her last year of university in the fall and is only home for the summer. My husband can once again travel for work without any worry about how I'll survive. I am so well, we added a boxer puppy two years ago, and a vizsla puppy this October to our home (perhaps replacing the two-legged children)! During the pandemic, I have received my yoga teacher certificate, an Emergency Medical Technician certificate and a Wilderness First Responder certificate. I can read again!!! I can do puzzles and play games again too! I currently teach yoga and volunteer for our local Search and Rescue.

This year, our SAR team made me an Equipment FTO in addition to having me as a type 1 searcher. I have been on numerous searches, rescues and recoveries this year. I try to live a balanced life as much as possible. I have learned to enjoy just being, but I am living and "being" at the same time now. Being is living too. I am loving myself wherever I am. I am loving life

46 - Mother of 2 from USA