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Meet The Team at CFS Health

CFS Health provides hope, community and a step by step holistic program that helps brilliant people recover their health and life back.

Our Vision

To be the biggest shining light of hope and positivity IN THE WORLD to inspire people struggling with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and other chronic illnesses to show them that recovery is possible.

Our Mission

The World’s Leading Online Recovery Program for people struggling with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. To help brilliant people struggling with Chronic Illness anywhere in the world improve the quality of their life, regain great health and start living a life they love.

Through our work, we impact millions of people with our knowledge, frameworks and teachings directly to our members that gets passed on indirectly to their wider community via our members leading their life by example.

CFS Healths legacy breeds healthier, more balanced, whole individuals, doing more of what they love and loving more of what they do. This inspires others in their circle to do the same. We create a ripple effect all around the world far greater than we will ever know.

Toby Morrisson

Toby Morrison
Director & Head Coach

CFS Health was founded by Toby Morrison in 2009 after personally experiencing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome as a teenager and enduring a long and frustrating journey to recovery. At the age of 16 Toby had a vision that when he eventually did get better, he would make sure that no one would have to go through what he went through on their own. After an extremely painful experience for him and his family after finding little to no help, awareness or available practical day to day treatment for ME, CFS and Fibromyalgia. Since recovering, Toby dedicated over more than a decade and a half to developing the worlds leading Online step-by-step Recovery Program to help others regain their health and improve the quality of their life which has now reached 1000’s of people in over 51 countries.

Gemma Hanley

Gemma Hanley
Mindset Coach

Gemma Hanley is the CFS Health Resident Mindset Coach. After experiencing CFS, anxiety and depression for over 10 years, Gemma brings first hand experience through her own recovery along with her training in mindset and emotional health

Dr. Olivia Lesslar

Dr. Olivia Lesslar
Resident Medical Consultant & Nutrition Expert

Dr Olivia Lesslar is a medical professional and holistic doctor with a strong interest in complex chronic conditions, such as CFS. Dr Olivia approaches health from a realistic, whole-body perspective. Her teachings and workshops are research-based and fully referenced.

Erin Enright
Client Success Mentor

Erin Enright experienced CFS many years ago and regained her health and life through the Online Recovery Program. Passionate about helping and supporting other sufferers, Erin has joined the team as our Client Success Mentor, encouraging and helping members throughout their entire journey whilst in the Program.  

Steph Ryan
CFS Health Movement Coach

Steph experienced CFS at a young age and through the CFS Health program was able to recover. It was through this experience where Steph's passion for understanding the body and movement first began. Since then, Steph's love for exercise has only enhanced where she helps teach others how to have a positive relationship with exercise and movement.

Ash Ward
CFS Health Client Support/Administration