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Help with M.E./Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, POTS and Post Viral Fatigue. A holistic, step by step Online Recovery Program to help you regain your health and start living again.


Why us?

You don't need to explain; we already understand because we've been there. The majority of the CFS Health Team has experienced what you're experiencing right now, and we know what it takes to improve and see change.

What do we do?

Here at CFS Health we have a team of professionals covering every aspect of recovery. We give you the tools, strategies and practical actions to guide you through your recovery and beyond.

How we do it?

What's different about our Program? We combine personal experience and step by step actions with accountability and support to ensure you're making progress and getting results

Be Inspired...

Download the Online Recovery Program Case Studies to discover how people, just like you, used the Online Recovery Program to better their health and regain quality of life.

"I had been ill with CFS for 10 years"

Denise Armstrong | Age 53 | Australia

"The program gave me structure, focus and hope"

Erin Enright | Age 32 | USA

"The hardest part of this illness was the loss of my independence"

Jodie | Age 46 | Australia


"From hospital bed to full recovery"

Miguel | Age 23 | Canada

"To put it simply – the program gave me hope and guidance"

Jackie | Age 23 | Australia

"CFS Health taught me life long lessons"

Bianca | Age 18 | Australia

Dr. Olivia Lesslar
Resident Medical Consultant & Nutrition Expert

From Our Resident Doctor

"Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a much misunderstood disease, and although it has finally been acknowledged in the broader medical community, there is still a lack of definitive medical treatments. Patients first and foremost need to be heard and acknowledged since many of them have spent years in the medical desert. CFS Health is a place where they can access community strength and understanding, whilst discovering various practical ways to improve their situation. Like many complex illnesses, a multi-disciplinary approach like the CFS Health Recovery Program is paramount when dealing with a chronic disease."