Guest Panel Workshop

Recovered clients share their top 5 recovery tips
on how to get healthy and start living again.

These people suffered M.E/CFS, Chronic Fatigue, POTS,
Post-Viral Fatigue and Fibromyalgia.

Warning: Be inspired!


(This video is a recording from our private workshop for our paying members who are in The Mentorship Program)
We wanted to share it with you to help inspire you too!

Replay Topic Outline Below

0:00 - Introduction to amazing guest speakers Jessica, Charlie and Bea.

15:30 - If you did the healing program again what would you do differently or not at all?

24:41 - What was the biggest game changer that you did for your Recovery

32:30 - Did you ever have doubts that you were never going to recover, How did you overcome that and maintain the belief of recovery?

44:45 - When you were just so over being sick, alone and isolated and really wanted to give up, how did you get through that?

56:30 - What factors made the biggest impact on your recovery?

Do you want help with your recovery?