Episode 53 - Charlie's Incredible Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Recovery Story

Meet Charlie from UK. Mother, wife and all round amazing person!

Suffered: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Symptoms: Extreme fatigue, no energy, muscle aches and pains, dramatic weight/muscle loss, symptom flareups, brain fog, and cognitive issues.

Struggles: FRUSTRATION!!!! When Charlie came to us, she was frustrated, angry and upset with her life and her daily struggles of ill health.

Two years later: Living an incredibly full life, can say YES to whatever she feels like, can say NO to whatever she feels like. Honours herself and lives life authentically for who she is NOW. No more guilt, frustration or anger. Just health and wellbeing…

Watch Charlie B’s incredible success story of how she overcame Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and got her life back!


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